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Windows Search Filtering

Need to be able to narrow down search results in Windows 7. Unlike Windows XP, there are no boxes to check.

Use search filters by clicking on filters in search box:
  1. Open the folder to search.
  2. Click in the search box, and then click a search filter. (Ex: Kind:, Date modified:, Type:, Size:)
  3. Click one of the available options.
Use keywords to refine a search:
  • You may filter on a property that does not appear when you click in the search box by using special keywords.
Keyword Examples

filename:~=backup Files and folders whose names contain "backup"
filename:=backup Files and folders named exactly "backup"
filename:~<backup Files and folders whose names begin with "backup"
filename:~>backup Files and folders whose names end with "backup"
filename:~=backup kind:=document Only files that are considered to be "documents" whose names contain "backup"
filename:~=backup kind:folder Only folders whose names contain "backup"
filename:~=ClassLibrary filename:~=dll.refresh Files whose names contain "classlibrary" and end with "dll.refresh"

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