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Customize Context Menu of Visual Studio

Need to customize context menus (also known as shortcut menus) in Visual Studio .NET.

Note: This technique allows you to modify main menus and context menus.

Instructions tested in VS2013, VS2010 and SSMS 2012, SSMS 2014
  1. Tools/Customize.../Commands tab
  2. Click "Context menu"
  3. Select the menu to modify from the drop down menu
Instructions tested in VS2005, VS2008
  1. Tools/Customize.../Toolbars tab
  2. Check "Context Menus"
    Note: Context Menus may also be modified directly in the toolbar added on this step and the rest of the steps may be skipped.
  3. Commands tab/Rearrange Commands...
  4. Follow detailed steps in Microsoft reference titled "How to: Customize Main Menus and Shortcut Menus".
Common menus to modify
  • C# code-behind: Other Context Menus/Code Window
  • ASPX, ASCX front-end: Other Context Menus/ASPX Context
  • CSS style sheet: Other Context Menus/CSSSource
  • SQL Stored Proc: Other Context Menus | SqlEditorContextMenu
  • Solution Explorer: Project and Solution Context Menus | Item
  • Solution Explorer: Project and Solution Context Menus | Web Item
  • SSMS: File editor: Other Context Menus | SQL Files Editor Context
  • HTML, Classic ASP: Other Context Menus | HTML Context
Common commands to add
  • Edit/Collapse All Outlining
  • Macros/{Custom Macros} (Prior to VS2012)
  • Tools/{Custom Extensions}
  • File/TfsGetLatestVersion
  • File/TfsCheckOut
  • File/TfsCheckIn
  • File/TfsUndoCheckout
  • File/TfsHistory
  • File/TfsCompare
  • Tools/Customize...
Miscellaneous menus and commands
  • SQL Results Pane: Other Context Menus | SqlEditorResultsContextMenu
    • Data/Show/Hide Results Pane

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