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How to Install Microsoft Free Virus Software

  1. Download Microsoft Security Essentials installation file to your desktop
    Virus, Spyware & Malware Protection | Microsoft Security Essentials
  2. Disconnect from the internet because you will be unprotected for a few minutes. Unplug from the cable modem, etc.
  3. Uninstall virus/security software that is currently on your computer.
    If you need help figuring out how to uninstall, connect back up to the internet, go to this page and print it off, then disonnect again:
    How do I uninstall antivirus or antispyware programs?
  4. Install Microsoft Security Essentials from your desktop installation file.
  5. Make sure Windows firewall is turned on in case the old security software included a firewall.
    Understanding Windows Firewall settings
  6. Reconnect to the internet and allow Microsoft Security Essentials to update itself.

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