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Google Analytics Site Overlay All Zeros

The Site Overlay report in Google Analytics began showing all links at 0%.

This particular problem began after adding a "Default page" setting to the website profile. After removing the setting, Site Overlay began working again.

Steps to remove setting:
  1. Click "Analytics Settings"
  2. Under "Website Profiles" click "Edit" under "Actions" column of profile to change
  3. Click "Edit" next to "Main Website Profile Information"
  4. Delete entry for "Default page"
  5. Click "Save Changes" button


Synertech Development said...

After removing the "Default page", should data start showing up immediately, or does it need to start collecting overlay data after you make the change?

Also... has there been any word from Google about this problem, or when the problem will be resolved?

CSC said...

In our case, the data began showing up immediately. This was because it was working with existing data before we added the default page setting. After removing the default page setting, the old data showed up again.

Regarding Google resolving the problem, I don't know that anyone else has experienced the same issue. Unless this also resolves your Site Overlay problem, it may just be an isolated issue for me.

JeffMcFarland said...

I have this problem with a client of mine. Only happens on the homepage and I don't know why.

James said...

Same problem here, just the directed to home page.

hdzsroi said...

I have the same problem but I don't have any entry for "Default page". What do i do?

Anonymous said...

Me too - all say zero but I dont have a default page entry!

CSC said...

Are you applying a lower/upper case filter on your profile? On one of our website profiles, we have a custom filter type of "Lowercase" on Filter Field "Request URI" in order to eliminate duplicate data. Since the Site Overlay is case sensitive, most of the numbers are 0% for that profile but not for the other profiles without the filter.

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