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How to Convert "File System" web site to "HTTP" web site in VS2005

Need to convert "File System" web site to "HTTP" web site in Visual Studio 2005.

For sample reason to convert, see "Server-Side Include "Failed to map the path"" CSC - Technical Notes. 24 Feb. 2009

1) Set up application in IIS for web site
- Directory: Select existing File System web site folder in solution

2) In IIS, set the directory to the existing File System web site folder in solution

3) Remove File System web site from solution
- Right-click File System web site in Solution Explorer
- Remove

4) Add HTTP web site to solution
- Solution Explorer/Right-click Solution/Add/Existing Web Site
- Add Existing Web Site Dialog/Click "Local IIS"
- Under "Local Internet Information Server", select virtual folder created above
- Open

5) Bind web site code to old VSS location
- VS2005/File/Source Control/Change Source Control
- Select HTTP web site from list
- Click "Bind" button
- Log into VSS if necessary
- VSS/Select project folder of old File System web site
- OK
- If Status = "Valid"
- OK
- Select "Allow these files to be replaced by their server versions"
- OK
- Done

- If Status = "Invalid",
- Cancel
- "Microsoft Visual Studio needs to reopen source control database connections for projects in the solution. Your source control provider may prompt for your credentials."
- OK

- NOTE: Performing 1 or more of the following tasks may enable the binding to be "Valid":
1: [This alone should work] Close VS and delete solution *.suo file.
2: Check one file from new web site into VSS. This will be created in a VSS default location.
3: Delete all files named "vssver.scc" in web site folders and sub-folders from Windows Explorer
- Retry steps under "Bind web site code to old VSS location"
- Delete project and file from VSS that was created during step "2:" above.
- This error may be thrown:
 Unexpected error encountered. It is recommended that you restart the application as soon as possible.
Error: Unspecified error
File: vsee\pkgs\vssprovider\abstractionlayerdispatcher.cpp
Line number: 4720

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